Tips and Tricks...

1) Soil needs to be looked after just as a plant does. The easiest way is to add Triple Mix to your garden each spring prior to any new planting. Triple Mix has top soil, peat moss and manure to give your soil the nutrients that it is looking for to feed your plants. Compost is also good to add to your soil periodically throughout the growing season.

2) Fertilizer is required during the growing season. Too often is much better than not enough.

3) Mulch is very important in any garden with exposed soil. Mulch will help retain moisture in your soil, reduce weeds dramatically and protect your plants roots throughout the year. Three inches of mulch everywhere is a good rule of thumb.

4) Try to water gardens and lawn areas with one inch of water per week. Leave a small cup out during watering in order to measure until you get the hang of it. Deep watering once or two days in a row is best.

5) Prune in order to allow sunlight to find the base of your plant. A heavy pruning in the early spring is common but don’t forget to prune throughout the growing season. Bypass pruners (lopers) give the closest cut.



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