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What time of day or night do I water my plants and grass?

Aim for sunrise and avoid sunset. Diseases become more of a problem if watering is done at night.

What do the three numbers on bags of fertilizer mean?

The first targets above the ground. The second targets below the ground. The third fights disease. The combination of numbers depends on the plant and the time of year.

I have various perennials that I cut weekly and bring indoors. How can I make them last longer?

Cut your flowers early in the morning to ensure that they are fully hydrated. Cut on a slant with a sharp knife. If you cut them flat they can sit on the bottom of the vase and be blocked from the water. One hundred degree (hot) water is preferred. Put them in the water soon after cutting. Packets of floral preservative are best to replace lost nourishment. Change the water daily and re-cutting the stems daily will help. Trim any leaves that are below the surface of the water and don’t forget to clean your vase before you change to a new bunch of flowers. ....more tips and tricks

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